Mi5Star Private Aviation

For business or leisure, Mi5Star Private Aviation offers a range of efficiency and benefits to our clients who value time, privacy, access and personal safety.

Going airborne with Mi5Star is the perfect way to guarantee stress free, safe and smooth connections with all aspects of your journey, fully supported by our unique team of professionals.

Why Mi5Star for Private Aviation?

Mi5Star doesn’t just connect our clients to a product, we select only the safest operators to affiliate. Our selection is also based on the highest standards of service, aircraft, vip access, privacy and smooth operations our clients expect.

Mi5Star may also connect our clients to spectacular accommodation and international superyachts, with options of specialist support including, travel and risk management.

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Private Aviation

Mi5Star applies a standard of excellence and detail based on decades of experience supporting the worlds most prominent people and brands.

We make it our business to test and connect transport services which offer the highest standards of safety, luxury and privacy.

Our clients often have needs that require a high degree of planning and precision.

Our personal service is optimised to provide the very smoothest and most unique experiences, delivered with complete confidence.

Our Clients Value:

  • Personal VIP Travel and Leisure Managers.

  • A higher level of safety, security and privacy.

  • Unique VIP experiences

  • Extensive experience managing the travel and leisure itineraries of high wealth families, celebrities, corporate leaders and luxury leisure guests.

  • A higher level of precision and detail.

  • Continuity of client standards and preferences.

  • 24hr Support

  • Exclusive access to non-mainstream travel and leisure options.

  • Exclusive accommodation.

  • Extensive VIP support services.

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