Mi5Star Superyachts

A higher level of precision, luxury, safety and privacy

For a seamless journey with the option of comprehensive support, we are proud to identify and share the finest superyacht experiences available.

Mi5Star Superyachts

Mi5Star connects our clients to only the finest superyachts and crew available for personal charter.

Our selection is based on the highest levels of precision, luxury, safety, privacy and smooth access to unparalleled service Mi5Star clients enjoy.

For maximum efficiency and confidence, we may connect your entire journey from door to door, which can include, private aviation, transfers and stopovers.

Mi5Star also offers full specialist support which may include, Personal Assistants, chefs, butlers, nanny’s and safety management.

Contact our agents to find your perfect yacht and create the ideal itinerary anywhere in the world.

A Sample of our Australian Superyachts:

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