Mi5Star provides the world's highest standards of comprehensive Concierge and Protective Services, with complete confidence and trust.

Our clients include Royalty, global corporations, private families, celebrities and luxury brands.

Mi5Star takes care of your every need with one contact to maximise
efficiency, time, continuity, privacy and value.

Mi5Star CEO

Founder & CEO

20 Years Experience Risk Management and VVIP Specialist Support.

Honours & Awards:
2013 Chief Constables Commendation
2012 Judges Commendation
2012 Chief Constables Commendation
2012 Royal Household Cert. of Good Work
2009 Chf. Superintendents Commendation
2006 Chf. Superintendents Commendation



Jon is a world leading VIP Support Consultant who has a distinguished history providing comprehensive services to the world’s most prominent personalities and brands.

Jon undertook elite military training as a teenager, then after extensive travelling he beat fierce competition to become a Specialist Police Firearms Officer, where he distinguished himself successfully coordinating extensive high risk, tactical operations in the United Kingdom.

With his exceptional communication skills and calm demeanour, Jon excelled as a Specialist Police Officer.

He was appointed and trained to the highest standard to protect the British Royal Family where he received formal recognition from the Royal Household for the dedicated completion of his duties.

During his distinguished policing career, Jon was formally commended for saving life, bravery and exceptional policing. His caring attitude and empathy to those in need or danger provided a lasting impact on many members of the community.

With a passion for business and exceptional eye for detail, Jon successfully transferred to the private sector where his unique skillsets are in high demand.

Jon has since gained an international reputation for delivering standout services to international corporations, luxury hotel brands, media companies, A-list celebrities, private families and VIP touring groups.

With integrity and genuine care, Jon has made a positive impact on people from all walks of life throughout his career and has developed trusted relationships with his clients across the globe.

As Founder and CEO of Mi5Star, Jon is highly experienced with the planning, management and delivery of complex operations and support for high wealth/profile/risk, persons and international luxury brands who consistently seek Mi5Star services in public and private settings.

Jon’s engaging personality, training, experience, standards and integrity are reflected with Mi5Star which continues to thrive and grow with excellence.

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Jon Graves

Founder & CEO
20 Years Experience Risk Management and VVIP Specialist Support.
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"Our clients rely on a personal and decisive service which inspires, confidence, trust, privacy and professionalism."