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Mi5 Star applies a standard of excellence and detail based on decades of experience supporting the worlds most prominent people and brands.

We make it our business to test and connect the ultimate experiences and locations worldwide which include the highest levels of luxury, service, privacy, tranquillity and guest experience.

Our clients often have needs that require a high degree of planning, precision and privacy. Our personal service is optimised to provide the very smoothest and most unique experiences, delivered with complete confidence.

We are on hand to assist you throughout your entire journey from conception to delivery, with the widest range of professional support that understands you.

Due to privacy and the ability to provide unique experiences, we do not publicise our products and partners on this website. Contact us below to discover your options for the ultimate travel, leisure and adventure experiences.

Personal Travel Managers
Mi5 Star provides expert personal travel managers to assist with the design and delivery of the ultimate travel and leisure experiences.

Get in touch below to connect to your personal travel manager.

Private Air Travel
For business or leisure, Mi5Star Private Aviation offers a range of efficiency and benefits to our clients who value time, privacy, access and personal safety.

Going airborne with Mi5Star is the perfect way to guarantee stress free, safe and smooth connections with all aspects of your journey, fully supported by our unique team of professionals.

For more information or to book contact our team here.

Private Estates
Mi5Star hosts an exclusive range of Private Estates available in select locations.

Contact us to explore your options.

Mi5 Star connects to the worlds finest superyachts available for purchase or charter. Please see our local superyacht options


Luxury Cars
For the ultimate driving experience integrated with great roads, great food and great hotels contact us to prepare your bespoke experience.

Luxury Suites
Mi5Star connects to only the very best suites worldwide who understand a higher level of precision, luxury and privacy.

Our relationships with the most exclusive luxury suites on the planet provides perks and service not found elsewhere.

Luxury Spas
Assessment of the most luxurious Spas in Australia and New Zealand allows us to connect the ultimate luxury spa experiences.

Personal, Private, Luxury Adventures & Experiences
Contact us for a range of personal, private, luxury adventures and experiences tailored for you.

Private Shopping
Only Mi5 Star may bring the store to you or arrange private shopping experiences with luxury retailers.

Specialist Support
Mi5Star offers a unique range of specialist travel support options including; VIP Travel & Risk Management, Asset Management and Household Assistance.

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