Private Household Staff

Complete peace of mind

Private Household Staff

Mi5Star provides expert staffing solutions for a wide range of positions both within Australia and overseas.

Our point of difference comes with our higher level of precision, luxury, safety and privacy which provides our clients complete peace of mind.

In achieving this Mi5Star works on your behalf to identify and support the best Private Household Staff who are personally selected for your needs, whilst ensuring legal compliance and privacy matters are always addressed.

Our team are in touch with international talent who define high standards and deliver the finest standards of their work to support our clients worldwide.

Estate Manager
Comprehensive oversight and management of private estates and residences.

Household Manager
On instruction from their employer, Household Managers are pro-active with staffing resources, training, property management, event planning, and understanding luxury assets.

Modern Butlers perform a range of tasks with great detail to maximise time, resources, administration, house and travel operations.

Personal Assistant
The tasks of a Personal Assistant may considerably vary dependant on the employment situation. Generally a P,A may undertake a variety of administrative functions and may co-ordinate many important activities to support their employers itinerary.

A P.A will also support various other positions with the Household.

Housekeeper and House Person
Housekeeper and House person responsible for the cleaning tasks in the home. They will usually follow a daily routine and have good knowledge of cleaning methods and the proper use of cleaning supplies and equipment. Good organisation and ability to prioritise are important. Depending on the specific home other duties such as light food preparation, shopping and errands may become part of the job. At a certain point when duties become more complex the position title might become Executive Housekeeper or Housekeeper / Family Assistant.

Groundskeepers maintain and improve the landscapes around buildings and facilities, making sure that the property always looks its best. In addition, groundskeepers are responsible for removing snow, keeping walkways from becoming slippery during the rain, and spotting other potential dangers around the building.

The health and safety of employees and guests alike is in the hands of the groundskeeper.

Groundskeepers use a variety of practical skills including carpentry, masonry, gardening, electrical engineering, and plumbing.

Private Chef
Besides the training and talent required for preparing food that pleases the palate of the employer the Chef needs to have a temperament that is very flexible to last minute changes, special requests and the differing personalities of the family and friends being served.

Private Chefs should have a good understanding of various styles of table service, party protocols and the job duties of other staff. The ability to maintain in tune of family and guest preferences is important as well a willingness to be alert to requests to try different things.

Abilities to shop carefully for quality and to manage the kitchen for efficiency, cleanliness and cost effectiveness are valued by employers.

Nanny /Au Pair
The care and nurturing of children is probably the most important task that is hired out in a private home situation. From simple babysitting to more complex child care involving multiple children, educational programming, travel, special education, the range of duties can be wide.

Usually the childcare provider may have other duties for the children, such as light housekeeping, some cooking and laundry duties.

Often called Companion / Personal Assistants, this position provides a variety of services to an employer who may be older, or have some special needs but is not in need of more complicated medical care.

Duties might involve cooking, companionship, help with dressing and home management.

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