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Mi5 Star Risk and Security Management services provide the highest trained, most experienced security experts in the world to support the needs of the most prominent personalities and brands.

Directed by former British Police Royalty Protection Officer Jon Graves, Mi5Star Prestige Security Service fully addresses the needs of clients who value a higher level of precision, safety and privacy.

UHNW & Celebrity

Risk & Security Management
Mi5 Star offers the gold standard with identifying and mitigating risk to our clients, their families, their assets and their brands.

To achieve this we investigate, assess and mitigate threats with comprehensive solutions which may include:

Risk Review
We listen to our clients and conduct assessments to identify areas of vulnerability where we provide solutions measured to budget.

Information and Intelligence
Constant review of information and intelligence relating to potential risk allows us to keep our clients informed and prepared.

Anti-Stalking & Harassment
Our highly experienced investigators are at hand to identify and challenge the root cause of unwanted attention, nuisance behaviours and criminal acts.

Travel Security
In conjunction with Mi5Star Travel and Leisure, Mi5star maximises efficiency, safety, privacy whilst ensuring smooth, memorable journeys.

Residential Security
The home is where we spend most time and also houses our most vulnerable assets.

Mi5Star has an extensive range of technical options to strengthen your property and provide you complete peace of mind.

Our Residential Security options include.

Target/physical infrastructure hardening.

Alarm/CCTV installation and monitoring.

Security Guarding and Patrols.

Complete Asset Management Services - see more info here.

Staff Vetting
Staff are often entrusted with children, high value goods, sensitive data and personal information.

Ensure your staff are vetted with Mi5Star to maximise your protection.

Personal Protection Officers
Mi5Star has the most experienced and professional Personal Protection Officers in the world to support the requirements of the worlds most prominent personalities and brands.

Contact us to find out how we may best support you in any environment.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
Hidden cameras and audio recording devices are more common and accessible than ever before.

These devices can have a substantial impact on our clients privacy and can cause significant damage to reputation.

Contact us to see how we can mitigate this risk for you.

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