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Mi5 Star Protective Services provides the highest trained, most experienced security experts in the world to support the needs of the most prominent personalities and brands.

Directed by former British Police Royalty Protection Officer Jon Graves, Mi5Star Prestige Security Service fully addresses the needs of clients who value a higher level of precision, safety and privacy.

We make it our business to test and connect the highest standards of safety and privacy with our partners who will understand our clients needs.

Our clients often have needs that require a high degree of planning, precision and privacy.

Our personal service is optimised to provide the very smoothest and most unique experiences, delivered with complete confidence.

We are hand to assist you throughout your entire journey from conception to delivery, with the widest range of professional support that understands you.

Pre-travel Assessments
Drawing on a range of resources, information and intelligence Mi5Star can provide pre-travel assessments to ensure that safety and service standards are met prior to departure.

Private Air Travel
For business or leisure, Mi5Star Private Aviation offers a range of efficiency and benefits to our clients who value time, privacy, access and personal safety.

Airborne with Mi5 Star is the perfect way to guarantee safe and smooth connections with all aspects of your journey, fully supported by our unique team of professionals.

For more information or to book with Mi5Star click here.

Pre-arrival Inspections & Reports
Advance personnel support provide significant advantages to assess risk, familiarise, establish logistics and provide real time communications between travellers and the arrival destination.

Tailored Accommodation
Our team have access to a range of highly functional properties that offer a higher level of luxury and privacy. Get in touch to explore our options.

Travel Companions
Highly trained, efficient and discrete travel companion service to support the safety and welfare of our clients.

Asset Management
Going away?

Our team can protect your property whilst you are away providing complete peace of mind that it will be safe, secure and immaculate for your return. More information available here.

International Emergency Support
Our International Emergency Support service offers immediate professional assistance and support 24/7.

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