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Mi5Star Security & Risk Management Services provides the highest trained, experienced and most professional security experts in the world to support the privacy, safety and security needs of the most prominent personalities and brands.

We take a proactive, layered and concise approach to risk and privacy management to mitigate future challenges to our clients, their families, their assets and their brands.


[ si-kyoor-i-tee ]

noun, plural se-cu-ri-ties.

  1. Freedom from danger, risk, etc.; safety.

  2. Freedom from care, anxiety, or doubt; well-founded confidence

  3. Something that secures or makes safe; protection; defence

  4. Freedom from financial cares or from want:
    The insurance policy gave the family security

  5. Precautions taken to guard against crime, attack, sabotage, espionage, etc.:
    The importance of computer security to prevent hackers from gaining access.

International Consultancy

Our agents are in high demand to consult, report and deploy within our areas of expertise:

Public Figure/Celebrity Security - Risk and Privacy Management

High Wealth Individual/Families - Personal, Corporate and Residential Risk Management

Secure Luxury Accommodation - Sourcing, Auditing, Staff Training and Securing

Superyacht Security - Vessel & Berth Audits, Crew Training, Route & Event Risk Management

Public Figure / Celebrity Security Management and Support

Our International Consultants are highly trained former specialist Military and Police (U.K Royalty Protection), with over 20yrs experience protecting Public Figures from all walks of life, at home and on the move.

Mi5Star offers an extensive range of effective safety, privacy, support, advice and security solutions which can be tailored to specific needs and budgets.

We are proud to provide testimonials of our service and enjoy strong, ongoing relationships with our clients who enjoy our support.

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High Wealth Individual/Families -

Personal, Corporate & Residential Security:

Mi5Star consultants understand the evolving challenges and risks encountered by persons/families of high wealth.

We offer a complete service on engagement to evaluate those risks and provide an extensive range of proactive mitigation strategies and support options.

Secure Accommodation

Mi5Star offers specialist support to Public Figures, Luxury Travellers, Tour Managers, Personal Assistants and International Security Teams, to source the most relevant accommodation tailored to their needs which may include:

For more information please see Travel Management

Hotel / Hospitality International Security Audits

Mi5Star are Official Partners and Auditors on behalf of Global Secure Accreditation, (GSA), for the Australia and New Zealand Regions.

GSA assesses hotels to establish the benchmark and international SFJ Award Accreditation Standard of Hotel Security Policy and Procedure.

Properties who earn the prestigious SFJ Award Accreditation gain confidence and preference from their guests.

For more information see: https://www.gsaccreditation.com/about-gsa/

To arrange your GSA Assessment in Australia and New Zealand, please contact us

Mi5Star Risk Management Menu

Complete VIP Safety and Security Management and Support:

  • Business or Personal. Home or Travel.

VIP Privacy:

  • Access to private getaways, accommodation and reservation services.

  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Searches (TSCM). (Search for hidden surveillance devices in areas where privacy is expected).


  • Target Hardening

  • Residential Security Officers

  • Alarm Response

Security Infrastructure:

  • Target Hardening

  • CCTV and/or alarms

  • Safe Rooms

  • Armoured Vehicles (AUS) – Standard CEN B6 or NIJ 0108.01

  • Security Radio Communication Systems

VIP Travel:

  • Mi5Star Private Jet Charters.

    Mi5Star Secure Limousines.

    Regional Risk Assessments.

  • Sourcing and reserving services: Hotels, Private Residence, Dining, Leisure.

  • Deployment of professional personal travel companion/s and personal assistants.

  • Advance Arrival Review and Reports - security, transport, accommodation and services.

  • Advanced Medical Support.

Security Personnel:

  • Close Protection Officers, Residential Security Officers, Security Trained Drivers, 5 Star Hotel Security Officers, Maritime.


  • Complete Superyacht Security Consultancy & Support

  • Vessel, Berth, & Route Security Audits

  • VIP Waterborne Event Support

Government Compliant Covid 19 Travel & Home Quarantine Management:

  • Pre-Travel Consultancy

  • Compliant Transfers

  • Appropriate Accommodation

  • Government Compliant Quarantine Security Management

Client Training

Mi5Star draws on our extensive experience with Royalty and Public Figure proactive protection, to introduce the only comprehensive Safety and Privacy Training Service tailored specifically for VIP’s themselves and their representatives, in the world.

We strongly believe in empowering our clients and their representatives to take reasonable control of their personal safety, right to privacy and freedom from harassment.

We can train and support you to legally manage intrusive media, threats to safety, nuisance behaviour, harassment and so much more.

Our goal is to provide public figures of all ages and walks of life, the skills and knowledge to protect themselves physically and emotionally, at home, on tour and online.

We can help you develop confidence, independence, knowledge and reduce personal risk and/or risk damaging a brand or reputation.

Our Agents can personally provide you training which includes:

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