Luxury Hotels: Comprehensive VIP Support Service

A Higher Level of Precision, Luxury, Safety & Privacy

Mi5Star Supports Luxury Hotels to Improve
Standards, VIP Guest Experience, Safety & Privacy.

Mi5Star provides a highly valued service to enhance and support luxury hotels, resorts and private luxury accommodation with their product and VIP Guest experience.

This is achieved by the assessment and development of physical and operational infrastructure of the property, supplemented with VIP Service training for the associated staff.

Our team have developed extensive VIP Guest practices for some of the most reputable luxury brands in the world which have significantly increased their sales by attracting new VIP clients.

Luxury Hospitality - Consultants

Mi5Star fully understands global luxury products, brands and client demand for rare experiences and highest standards.

Mi5Star also connects VIP clients to associated luxury products including transport, hospitality, leisure and retail.

Many of our hotel partners seek guidance to meet the needs of our clients and support the delivery of their own VIP service.

Engage with our team to discuss how can guarantee improved VIP Guest experience and

increase your associated revenue.

Hotel VIP Guest Support Services

Many properties do not have full time infrastructure to attract or respond to a volume of high profile guests.

Mi5Star has the reputation and capability to enhance your property from initial VIP Guest enquiry to full completion of service.

Our VIP Guest support services include:

VIP Guest Consultants, Offsite Logistical Management, Concierge, Luxury Transport Services, Personal Assistants, Tour Agents and all associated Security Services.

Hotel Security & Guest Privacy

Our team are highly trained and experienced to improve hotel safety, security and privacy protocols that effect all guests, staff and visitors.

Our expertise is second to none to enhance VIP Guest safety and privacy protocols by deploying various cost effective strategies that are attractive to a range of customers.

Technical Surveillance Risks and Response

Never before have surveillance devices like hidden cameras and listening devices been as affordable, accessible and online distributable as today.

Secret recording can have devastating consequences for hotels and their guests if their privacy is compromised.

Mi5Star has the professional knowledge and ability to address this issue for your property to ensure reasonable procedures are formed, staff are trained and sensitive areas are reviewed.

Our training and your procedures provide peace of mind to your guests and greatly reduces the likelihood of exposure to hidden risks.

Staff Vetting

Staff are often entrusted with direct access to high profile guests, high value goods, sensitive data and personal information.

Ensure your staff are vetted with Mi5Star to maximise your protection.

Security Services

Close Protection Officers (Bodyguards), Hotel Security Officers, Crowd Control, Event Security, Security Drivers

Luxury Limousines

Mi5Star provide the newest, safest and most elegant luxury limousines to support hotels and their guests locally and internationally. Our services come with a higher level of precision, luxury, safety and privacy.

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