Luxury Asset Management

Complete peace of mind

Mi5 Star provides tailored Asset Management services to ensure our clients physical assets are always secure, highly maintained and available for use at a moments notice.

Assets we manage:

  • Private Estates & Residences | Occupied or Unoccupied

  • Yachts/Waterborne Assets

  • Luxury Vehicles

  • High Value Goods

  • Aviation

Tailored Physical Asset Management Service

Our team are here to support local owners and owners living overseas with their dormant or active assets including residential estates, vessels, vehicles, aviation and high value goods.

Mi5Star has a range of options to manage your assets with confidence and care to ensure your property or asset is always secure, immaculate and available for use at a moments notice.

Compliance and Accountability

Mi5 Star provides comprehensive Asset Management strategies, tailored to each client and asset to ensure insurance liabilities are met and the asset is effectively maintained with confidence and trust.

Our Management Plans and Report Systems are transparent to our clients and handled with complete confidentiality.

Physical Asset Management: Comprehensive Options

Mi5Star provides comprehensive options to ensure complete peace of mind and efficiency.

Asset Manager: Maintains Asset Portfolios and a valued single point of contact.

Asset Management Plans: Comprehensive and agreed Asset handling strategies tailored for purpose.

Asset Reports: Stay up to date with your assets with our detailed, highly visual Asset Status Reports.

Caretakers: Dedicated Caretakers with the knowledge resources to manage and deliver maintenance schedules and compliance.

Security: Tailored and Relevant Security Management of all assets including Consultants, Technical Installations and Maintenance, Residential Security and High Value Goods Protection.

Trades and Maintenance: Scheduled or Emergency, Mi5Star provides vetted and endorsed Tradespersons to support your asset.

Household Staff: On your behalf Mi5star seeks, vets and refers professional Household Staff including House Managers, Butlers, Nanny's, Housekeepers, Service Support, Gardeners and Drivers.

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