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We are chosen by the worlds most recognisable personalities and brands to professionally and confidentially support their business, travel, leisure, asset, branding and lifestyle needs.

Complete peace of mind

  • International Travel Management

  • Ultimate Private Leisure Experiences

  • Brand Connectivity & Partnerships

  • Private Concierge

  • Complete Security & Privacy Service

  • Talent Management

  • Recruitment

Mi5Star Luxury Travel & Leisure

Celebrity | Influencer | Public Figure

Those in the public eye often have demanding schedules and considerations which involve a high degree of planning and connectivity across a range of industries and locations.

On behalf of public figures and their agents, Mi5Star provides a the only single point of contact to comprehensively support your business, travel, leisure, asset, branding and lifestyle needs.

Our combined services provide a very high level of efficiency and maintains our clients standards throughout their entire journey.

One contact with Mi5Star guarantees professional engagements, reduces time duplicating information, maximises privacy and significantly reduces costs.

Complete peace of mind

The reason why we are selected by the worlds most recognisable people and brands..

International Travel Management: Complete travel management services for business or pleasure.

Ultimate Private Leisure Experiences: We connect our clients to personal experiences that are designed to maximise luxury and privacy.

Brand Connectivity and Partnerships: Mi5Star professionally connects our clients to multi industry top brands and create mutually beneficial relationships.

Private Concierge: Confidential 24hr client concierge service.

Security & Privacy: At home or on the move, we provide complete solutions for all safety, security and privacy needs.

Recruitment: Mi5Star Prestige Recruitment provides vetted solutions tailored to our clients needs.

Safety, privacy, confidentiality

We are experts on protecting the safety, privacy and image of all clients.
Only Mi5 Star maximises confidentiality and safety professionally.

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